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The use of an ambulance is quite common in every health care centre and hospitals. It is a vehicle that is used to carry sick or injured patients in case of emergencies. Many ambulances go to pick patients and people in emergencies and help out all sufferers within the city. The emergency situation may include bleeding, broken chest, head injury, chest pain, trouble breathing and injured situation like a car accident. To know more about how ambulance services can be helpful or what is the best Ambulance Services in Lucknow continue reading the article.

Ambulances are a medium and difference between life-threatening conditions and life-saving consequences. The use of an ambulance is mandatory in every hospital to carry-out patients in an emergency situation. Over time, ambulance service and its concept have changed drastically. The first ambulance was a military horse-drawn cart that used to carry out the wounded soldiers to field hospitals after a battle.

Now, the ambulance services are available readily at your address and one can get instant help by dialling emergency ambulance number Lucknow.

When do you need Ambulance services?

The ambulance service has increased its support and services with the growing number of emergency cases. The transportation of patients to the nearest hospital is essential in the need of the hour. 

A Repo laid that more than 20 per cent of patients who need immediate medical care have died sombrely because of the traffic delay or fever transportation options in rural areas. On top of that, Indian cities don’t offer a separate or new lane in emergency canes because of a shortage of road and infrastructure unlike in other developed countries.

If you have to count on the number of situations when the ambulance got stuck in traffic then you will find a huge number of examples. Sometimes, due to traffic, you may have to wait for hours that can often lead to a lack of proper treatment in time. 

Here are some cases and situations when you need the services of an Ambulance.

The decision to get ambulance may differ from case to case but, it is strongly advisable to first get “first Aid” and then call for Lucknow ambulance number in the following situation:

  • It someone get breathing problem.
  • If you got chest pain or have difficulty in breathing or difficulty in speaking or communicating.
  • If you get severe and intense breathing problem that may often become unstoppable with the direct pressure on the wound.
  • If you are struggling with breathing problem or breathing in a strange way then you can then also you can give a call to the ambulance.
  • If you are not aware or unconscious of what is happening and going around.
  • If you have a fit issue and it seemed to recover. 
  • If you have an allergy which is also linked with breathing then always visit to doctor in an ambulance.  
  • When your child gets severe burn then you need to treat the burn by keeping that effected area under the cool running water or can call the ambulance. Ensure that you keep on cooling the affected area until the paramedic’s team arrive.
  • If anyone has fallen down from a height or has got hit by a car or something speedy then also go to the hospital via ambulance as this could be a spinal injury. 

How to call the ambulance?

In any emergency situation, the timing of calling the ambulance matters a lot. For instance, any person who has stopped breathing in any situation will need immediate help as he goes without oxygen and their survival rate will decrease by 10%.

So, in these serious situations, you must make a call to doctor immediately and call free ambulance service in Lucknow. Follow the below steps to get assistance:

  • Call for the nearest Ambulance service number:

You can dial the emergency ambulance no in Lucknow108 and get immediate support from the team. They will help you in providing the ambulance that’s available nearest to your location. This will reduce the time for an ambulance to reach in case of an emergency situation.  

  • Share your exact address of the emergency

While you are calling the ambulance service, share your exact address details to the call receiver. After providing him with your address, you must include as many details as you want including the business name, apartment unit name and the emergency number.

  • Tell about the emergency situation and patient’s diseases or injury

You may also be asked about your phone number and your place from where you are calling. Make sure, you share your complete information and also about patient’s condition with the call handler, so that he can give you immediate help. 

  • Answer a few questions asked by the Ambulance service team

The call handler may also ask you a few specific questions related to the patient’s health and relating to your call’s reason. The possible questions could be:

    • Are you with or near the patient? 
    • What is the age of the patient? 
    • What is the patient dong currently?
    • Is the patient breathing properly?

After taking all the information, the ambulance will take the necessary step and will dispatch and offer the appropriate help to the patient. Also, in some cases, the Ambulance may arrive within some minutes. 

  • The call handler will provide instructions to assist you

After taking all the information, the call handler will assist you the next step to do until the ambulance service in Lucknow arrives at your doorstep. If necessary, the call handler may stay on the phone line and guide you further and continuous instructions to do with the patient.  

Pre-hospital care service can save maximum lives

The emergency services in India have evolved greatly more than just offering ambulance services. Nowadays, the ambulance service is not just a transport option from one place to hospital but also they are the pre-hospital car service. 

During the emergency cases, many prefer to get pre-medical care by hospitals at home which can be done via ambulances. Even records say that during an emergency situation around 3% of people are not brought to the hospitals and are treated by pre-medical hospital care only.

When a patient gets severe injury or ailment then his first hour is the most crucial and referred to as ‘golden hour’ where the doctors can save their lives. With the help of pre-medical care at the ambulance, the expert doctors can deal with complications via en route to medical centres.

These services help in both rural and urban areas. Rural people don’t have to travel several kilometres away to find medical service. These services can save precious lives on time, while in the urban areas where traffic is the most considerable hindrance of reaching hospitals on time; these services reach on time with proper medical care. Therefore, these fantastic ambulances prove to be successful in the real world and will continue to push the barriers in the future too.

Few Facts about Ambulance

Here are a few facts about the Ambulance that you should know:

  • When you hear the siren sound, you must understand the ambulance is on its way and you must give them side to go ahead.
  • Ambulance helps in transporting sick and hurt and is also referred to as an emergency vehicle. 
  • Ambulances are an affordable vehicle but their finished product is often quite expensive. Like if you want to buy a new one then it could cost you pretty expensive, something between the range of $100,000 to $200,000. 
  • Also, if you customize your ambulance then it will cost you more big-budget, despite being the lifesaving equipment.
  • Most ambulances have all thing essential including the medical equipment and prominent colours and attractive designs to attract attention.
  • During the emergency situation, the ambulance uses loud siren with a coloured flashlight to warn people on the way.
  • Ambulances does not specifically mean a van but it can be in the form of a car, truck, train, van, bicycle, trailer, motorbike, bus, helicopter, aircraft, boat, and hospital ships.
  • The ‘ambulance’ word has arrived from the Latin word ‘ambulare’. This means to walk or move. 
  • The first-ever ambulance was made in 1487, by the Spanish which was a cart.
  • The ambulance has mostly two officer’s paramedics that travel along with the patient. One drives the ambulance and the other attends the patient while travelling to the hospital.
  • Ambulances also help during car crash than the fire trucks and police cars.
  • It constitutes all equipment that will help to treat patients.
  • It is also equipped with radios and mobile data terminals, video camera, trauma light, air conditioner, and data recorders.
  • During the emergency situation, the ambulance can also cross the red light and can break their speeding limit. 
  • Like your cell phone, the ambulance also requires enough power to run due to the heavy equipment, the battery needs the power to stay functional. Many ambulances also have the power outlet at the backside.

There are five different types of stretchers available on an ambulance: 

  • Long Bed atop of wheels

This is the first image that comes to your mind when you hear the works stretcher. This is used to carry the patient by laying him in the bed like structure towards the hospital after arriving.

  • Reeves

Another stretcher is reeves. It is a plastic, flexible stretcher that is used to carry the patient through tight areas like in a staircase. This stretcher may require EMT to carry out the weight of the patient because this doesn’t have a wheel.

  • Stair chair

A stair chair lets the patient sit on a chair and brought down a flight of stairs. This is used to carry patients who are in normal condition and can easily tolerate the sitting posture. The chair is firmly attached with the four wheels and allows the patient to easily slide down the stairs. 

  • Scoop

A scoop is used by people to carry patients from one position to another who cannot move from their position nor have a hip injury. Scoop is a metal that allows the EMTs to “scoop” the patient without making them move.  

  • Backboard

The backboard is a solid plastic piece that stabilizes the patient if they have head or neck injury. It keeps the patient at the easy rested position and a neck collar is attached to the backboard. To use it, you must require at least three people who will help in moving the patient. Also, this is used for CPR because it delivers a firm surface for chest compressions.

Advantages of Ambulance Services in Critical Situations

Ambulances Services could help a patient’s life when they are located at the inaccessible location during a critical time. AC ambulance service in Lucknow helps you get speedy and safe transport facility.

Here are a few benefits of the ambulance you will get by a healthcare centre in critical situations:

  • Removes and lessen the risk of road mobbing and traffic:

Vehicle traffic is a critical aspect that has been rising at an alarming rate in every city in India. With this serious traffic problem, it has increased the number of road accidents that poses a threat to life. Also, in case of an emergency situation, there has been increasing pressure on the emergency response team as quickly as possible.  

The private ambulance in Lucknow works 24/7 and helps in eliminating all the risks altogether. 

  • Offers all the emergency facility within the ambulance

A patient will get all the helpful services and facilities like an oxygen cylinder, stethoscope, BP monitor, and other essential emergency equipment. Even the doctors will be riding along with the patient to offer immediate care in case of a critical situation. 

  • Helps in handling multiple casualties:

The ambulance services are a real saviour and reach on time to the patient in case of massive accidents or the person who has multiple casualties. Many people who are hurt can be provided with intensive care unit within the ambulance. 

We understand how it is important to care during the first one hour for emergency patients such as severe trauma or life endangered injury. The Ambulance will transport and carry those patients to an advanced health care facility within this one hour.

  • Assist in organ transportation:

The ambulance services are greatly important in organ transportation especially during the urgent need of organ transportation and in saving out transplant surgeries. Sometimes, there is also the risk of the organ being damaged or tarnished that may nullify this risk.

Also, you can contact the ambulance service either by calling directly or can contact via online. 

How Ambulance Service Contributes To Health Care?

One of the basic roles of ambulance service is to offer emergency pre-hospital care until the van reaches the hospital. Although these services offer immediate emergency response and patient transfer yet they are easy to access all the health services through phone calls. 

In recent times, it has become quite important to maintain our health which will be only possible if the healthcare services will be good.  

The ambulance services are the first thing that contributes to health care and hospitals services. If these services can help out of hospital then it could greatly affect and improve our health system. 

Below are some initiatives taken by AMA diagnostic ambulance services?

  • The service work 24/7

Ambulance services are a basic requirement and an emergency need to get instant help. The health care service team are working 24/7 and offering ambulance service to medical and trauma services. They offer self-discipline and organised system and timely response to all qualified health care workers. Sometimes, the medical retrieval teams often go through trauma centres to coordinate the team and rescue all hospitals and team with intense care paramedics. 

  • Offer emergency equipment and assessment

Ambulance services have well-equipped equipment and things that manage transportation in a controlled manner. Many professional and non-professionals also offer individual aspect to this service and manage the varying levels of the situation within their city. Many modern ambulance services have inbuilt services such as trained telephonists, 24/7 communication centres, call takers, correspondents and clinicians. 

Also, by coordinating with the crew members, you can control the health issues and can provide the right medical needs within the right timeframe.

  • Provides first point contact with the incident 

The pre-clinical services by hospitals ensure that everything is consistent. The ambulance serves the patient and takes care of them from home to the hospital. An ambulance service is a need that offers early warning signs to the health system to the operative environment as a whole. 

  • Contribute to patient care

Many ambulances working within the city make a huge range of unmeasured outcomes and helped the patient during the need. These services have reduced many diseases by offering immediate and on-time care such as during sudden cardiac arrest or hyoidea in myocardial infarction or early rebuilding of vital organ perfusion in major trauma. 

  • Provides paramedics support

An ambulance service is also equipped with expert doctors who work in an autonomous environment. You will find some best paramedic who is highly trained clinician and know their duties to take care of the patient with the utmost care. It even establishes them as a highly trained professional who will be operating services within a professional entity.

  • Help community

The major role of the ambulance is to treat and transport to people at the right time and at right place. This has also greatly encouraged and relieved many patients to get timely help than visiting the hospital emergency department. 

In many rural areas as well, the health care model has shown flexible working hours and emerge out as a need to expand the role of the ambulance.

  • The health continuum

The treatment regimens are quite high across the health providers that it gives a smooth and hassle-free experience to the patient to get the best facility. The care continuum is a patient’s personal treatment history that can be transferred from one health professional to another. This process can be avoided monotonous and eliminate inefficient diagnostic procedures. The doctors will receive a complete history of the patient and ensure that it has transferred significant information. This helps the doctors in finding out an accurate report of the patient’s illness.

Ambulance services take care of patients and are one of the most efficient and effective medium to get support when needed. Paramedics are approaching faster and are one of the major players in the range of maintenance and systems.

Do We Have Enough Ambulances To Meet The Need Of The Patients?

You may find several ambulance serviceswith immediate care facility but the question arises, do we have enough ambulance service? The WHO standard pertains to the emergency ambulance number to a centralized public response system but is not for private ambulance service.  

The transport ministry has set out norms for all the new ambulance that any vehicle that is used to carry patient will be called an ambulance irrespective of its design. There will be four different categories of all the road ambulance including fully equipped two, three-wheelers and advance life-saving ambulance with all the life-saving facilities.  

This norm set for an ambulance is a positive step as there has been a rise in the vehicle collision with ambulance leading to many more critical cases. 

So, in case you need an emergency Lucknow ambulance service, you can get private ambulance support equipped with useful tools and life-saving machines.


We can say that ambulance service is a big way and a natural way to help in improving the health system. It allows a patient and person to get immediate care at their address and leave for the hospital without delay in traffics.

Our ambulance service facility goes through integration, strategic agendas, resource allocation and treatment regimens for all patients. Our motive is to offer timeliness service with continuous care and support to improve the health outcomes.

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