Franchisee Opportunities at AMA Diagnostic centre

FranchiseDo you have a medical centre at a rural place? Do you wish to expand your pharmacy store and offer support to patients by offering them diagnostic centre facility? Your search ends here at AMA diagnostic centre. We have a solution for all the local medicine stores who operate at small town where the diagnostic centre facility and various other tests facility is hard to find. 

By partnering with a diagnostic centre franchise or a testing and collection centre franchise, you can expand your medical store and offer easy options to your patient to get their blood and other requirements tested. Probably, it is also important that you seek for a place which is near to the hospitals and health care centres. 

By getting the right franchise for your diagnostic centre you can easily grow your business without having to test your own foot on the market.

Why Franchising Is The Best Way To Succeed In A Diagnostic Centre?

India is a country that has many opportunities for different types of business including the diagnostic service industry. This sector tends to bring huge growth and success that you can easily drive satisfying results along with earning profits. The growth will be because of the improving healthcare opportunities, medical diagnostic and pathological laboratories, health insurance sector and even private-public projects. 

The diagnostic services market is one of the top growing sectors that are expected to rise ahead by 27.5% for the next five years.

Currently, a big major portion of the diagnostic business is managed and controlled by the so-called unorganized sector. Now, the diagnostic sector aims to become much more organized and united along with many small and local independent centres offering franchisees opportunities.

The Franchise model will likely to drive more individuals and more labs to make a profit. 

Below are a few reasons why franchising is the feasible and best choice for the diagnostic sector.

1. All-India Reach

Many rural areas in India don’t have enough hospitals and diagnostic centre. Even at many times, they have suffered from less availability of hospitals that made them suffer from their illness. To highlight this issue, the diagnostic centres have adopted a franchise model intending to increase their support even in a small town. Also, besides being the cheapest expanding business, the franchisee supports all India reach as well. 

It basically lets people establish their foot in every corner of the country and offer services in small towns. 

2. Knowledge of their area

To start a blood sample collection centre franchise, one doesn’t have to be expert in the medical field. But, anyone can start such collection centre whoever fits the eligibility criteria of the diagnostic centre. Thus, you can expand your reach and plan out a diagnostic centre in your area. 

If you are aware of what things will work and know how to attain success in the location then you can easily make your franchise a success. 

3. Launching Brand Name

The diagnostic centres are establishing a niche for themselves and the franchise model helps them make their business or diagnostic centre profitable. The lab chains offer scalability and allow the entrepreneur to make their business profitable and effective. 

This also helps the diagnostic centre to build their brand name and thus lessens the competition with another diagnostic centre. The customers trust the brand name and franchising will help your business create awareness about the brand and increase profits. 

How To Open A Lab Collection Centre Franchisee In Your Area?

Before we dig into the ways to open a lab collection centre franchisee, we must first look at the medical tests performed in the diagnostic centre. People may lookout for budget friendly laboratories to diagnose their treatment and get proper treatment. 

Below are the medical tests that every collection centre offers. When these tests are available at patients nearby area, then it will cut off their travel expense to main city to get these tests conducted.

We at AMA diagnostic offer you franchisee opportunity with the help of which you can offer the below tests and more:

  • Bio-Chemist– The fluids are tested out in the laboratory such as urine, stools, etc.
  • Radiology & Cardiology– The medical tests use many techniques such as CT scan, MRI, x-rays, PET and USG.
  • Pathology – The Pathology tests will decide and investigate the blood sample.
  • OPD- Outdoor Patient Department or OPD is a medical care in which doctor decides the treatment of the patient and how to carry the procedure.
If you want to partner and get a pathology business franchise, then below are few statistics on the present pathological and testing laboratories in Indian economy:
  • Currently, India has more than 10,000 diagnostics, pathology and radiology centres.
  • The total Pathology centres accounted for about 80% of the market 
  • Radiology centre are 20% remaining. 
  • 90% of players are unorganized and limited.

How To Start Your Pathological Lab With AMA Diagnostic ?

With the fact that rural areas and small towns have fever number of hospitals and diagnostic centre, therefore, it becomes essential for them to get lab collection centre franchise. You can easily start and partner with AMA diagnostic centre by following the below steps:

Partner with zero investment

The first step to expand your local medical store is to contact us. You just have to fill out your basic entries and you are ready to become a diagnostic centre. To become a partner, you don’t have to invest anything, but can easily get started and use our name along with your medical store.

Get the sample collected and send them to AMA diagnostic lab

You can take the blood sample of the patient and send it to AMA diagnostic or we will arrive at your store to receive the tests done by you.

Build our hoarding at your medical centre

In this step, AMA diagnostics will help you to build our hoarding and add it to your medical store. This will help your customers and patients know that you are offering various tests facility and they can easily get tested about any diseases.

The patient’s report will be sent to the doctor

After receiving the tests of the patient, we prepare the report and send it to the respective doctor. The doctor will analyse the report on the visit of the patient.

The patient will get immediate treatment by a doctor

So, when the patient visits the doctor, they will get immediate treatment from the doctors without having to wait in line for their report.

Does AMA Diagnostic Centre Have A Franchisee?

The medical diagnostics market in India is now expected to grow at a steady rate of 15% CAGR. With this opportunity in India, AMA diagnostic centre has taken a leap ahead and offering franchising opportunities for all those who want to establish their diagnostic centre within their area.
Being in this business for so long, AMA diagnostic centre is taking the franchise route and looking at the establishment and planning for hi-performance chain across the country.
The rapid increase rate of franchisee equates an inspiring story and offer assured business success by teaming up with AMA.

Join Hands With India’s Most Trusted Healthcare Group!

When you aim to establish your own diagnostic centre and finding out a franchisor for partnership then you must find a trusted platform that offers you the best facilities. At AMA diagnostic blood collection centre franchise, you can get the best help and make trusted healthcare diagnostic centre near your area.

Look here few reasons why you must partner and join hands with AMA Diagnostics:

1. Top brand name and healthcare giant

When you are starting up your diagnostic centre and looking for a franchisor then you are bound to succeed. A franchisor will offer you its name that will prove fruitful for your startup. You can choose a good brand name like AMA diagnostic that will let you make the right decision for your business.

2. Franchisee gets support to grow

It doesn’t take a business long to find and determine that if the franchise works or not. Many franchisors work and offer you an incentive for franchise owners who want to add more units as they are already in business and do not need training and support.

3. Negligible investment and low running costs

When you partner with a pathology collection centre franchise then you ought to experience many benefits at very low-cost investment. By partnering with a franchisor, you just have to invest a very low amount and can start your diagnostic centre near your area. 

5. Expert help and management advice

The Chain is controlled by expert management and therefore they can help us in doing the right business. You can ask a few questions about investment and can proceed to make your business successful. The franchisor will offer you real-time experience results in diagnostic.

4. Good financial returns

An already successful business is ought to make money and if you want to make your business successful then choosing a right franchisor is the best way to succeed and make business. Also, you will get an expert’s advice by the franchisor and can earn and make good financial returns.

Who Can Choose Franchisee Services Of AMA Diagnostic 

If you are planning to start a diagnostic centre and looking for a franchisor to help then you can start now by choosing AMA diagnostic centre. 

Below are a few people who can choose to start a diagnostic centre by taking our help.


Nowadays there are great scopes of pharmaceuticals stores business. If you have run a pharmacy store in small town or rural area then you can become a diagnostic centre franchisee.  This will ease your task as well as your patient’s tasks who always visit your store to seek for proper treatment and medicines.


Even doctors can start their own collection centre and provide medicines and drugs to patients on time.  Whenever the patient visits the doctor, he ensures that he take the blood tests or any other test to start treatment. The doctor can immediately give the right care and ailment of disease after getting the test done.

Healthcare Person

If you are a healthcare professional then also a diagnostic centre franchise will be of great help.  The professional can offer best service to patient by getting the tests and save patient’s lives on time.

What Does AMA Diagnostic Offer?

AMA diagnostic centre offers multiple benefits to all its customers as well as partners who want to do business. If you fit any of the above criteria to do business then you can contact AMA diagnostic and get started with your business in no time. 

Below are some facilities offered by AMA diagnostic centre:

    • A franchise business with multiple earning options

Franchise business model has multiple opportunities for those investing their money. If you want to earn and make more money than by choosing a franchisor, you can easily make money and earn. 

    • Free of Cost Services

There are many options offered by a franchisor at very low or free of cost. You will get additional free of cost service such as logistics, marketing support, consumables items, software licenses, business development services by a dedicated team of experts.

    • The services are backed by healthcare

AMA diagnostic menu is backed and supported by many hospitals. Patients from all over the city visit the healthcare to get treatment and get medicine from a trusted diagnostic centre. You can send them the accurate result of their test by taking the help of our experts who are straddling from the routine to get specialized tests.

    • Marketing support

The Franchisor also offer marketing support to the partners such as health check-up plan, leaflets, camps, RWA initiatives and advertisements. With the help of marketing support, one can easily establish their business without worrying about the result. 

    • Meet the business expectation of partner

Partners also come along and plan out a business meeting proposal. You can prepare and make a plan together and execute them to meet business expectations

    • Franchisee Customer care services

Franchisee customer care services will also look after all the customer care complaints and will handle any grievances or handing issue. The support team will be so quick and advance that anyone partnering with the AMA diagnostic centre with getting immediate support along with all their issue will be handled.


The best way to establish any business is a franchisee business. Though you can start a business in your own but with the help of franchisee, you can easily continue the already established name.

As the scope of pathological laboratories is all over India, you can start a diagnostic centre franchise. This will be an easy business to start and the franchisor will offer you all the services. Also, this way you can help balance different types of complexity and diseases. 

Probably, this is the right time to take this business ahead. Today, the need of laboratory and diagnostic centre has risen greatly more than ever before. Therefore, you could earn plentiful in this business ahead.

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