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Electro Cardiogram

A wave causes the muscles of the heart to squeeze and pump blood from it. Each heartbeat combines together to form an electrical impulse all around the heart. An ECG Test that examines the heart by measuring the same electrical impulse.

A doctor recommends an ECG in cases of chest pains, regular palpitations, or arrhythmia.

Reasons to Conduct an ECG

  • To find any blockage in the coronary artery, any damaged muscle, or recent heart attack.
  • Blood clots due to unsystematic heartbeats.
  • To process the recovery of a heart attack.
  • Conditions other than heart problems like electrolyte imbalance or lung malfunctioning.

The test is easy, less time consuming and painless. There is no need for fasting before the test as well. The ECG (Electro cardiogram) Test online bookings are also available. It is very easy to book an online appointment for the ECG test in Lucknow. Go to the website and you can book an appointment with ease.

ECG blood lab test is also available at Ama diagnostic Centre. In case you want to get yourself checked, the pathology is up and ready to serve you.

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