Histopathology Lab Blood Test

Histopathology Lab Blood Test in Lucknow

Histopathology or Histology is the study of the sampled whole tissues under the microscope to diagnose the disease that persists. In Histopathology Lab Test, three types of specimens are extracted by the laboratory.

  1. Large specimens removed during surgery like uterus after a hysterectomy, appendix after an appendectomy, or a large bowel after a colectomy. 
  2. Smaller pieces of tissues extracted from the organ for examining, as in biopsies.
  3. Very small pieces of tissues or fluid extraction through a Fine Needle Aspiration (FNA). 

Histopathology reports on collected specimens include:

  • Molecular techniques
  • Other tests
  • A microscopic appearance of the involved tissue
  • Special stains

It is a complete microscopic study of the specimen to find if the tissues are linked to any prognosis. 

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