Online Lab Test Booking for Molecular Diagnostic in Lucknow

What is Molecular Diagnostic?

Molecular Diagnostics is the face of transformative and dynamic diagnostics, which is helping with the insights in research and treatment of the ever-changing evolution of diseases. Molecular Diagnostics measure and detect the presence of any kind of genetic protein that is behind a specific medical condition or disease, helping reveal the underlying mechanism of the disease.

The Important Features of Molecular Diagnostics

  • Earlier doctors used to feel the patient’s skin to diagnose fever, but with a further understanding of different illnesses and their symptoms, doctors were able to make a difference between bubonic fever, yellow fever, scarlet fever, and other such infections.
  • The molecular test is frequently being used in labs on the donated blood to diagnose any signs of infectious diseases like HIV or AIDS.
  • Personalized medicine term took birth in the field of molecular discovery. It helps to diagnose the exact nature of any individual disease.

Molecular Diagnostics Lab Tests Online is easily available in every city. In Lucknow, Ama Diagnostic Centre is offering molecular diagnostic testing by booking an online appointment for the tests. Indeed it saves a lot of time and is easily accessible. Molecular Diagnostics Test cost fits in the range of Rs. 3000 for tests like thalassemia.

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