Digital Bed Side X ray Service in Lucknow

Digital Bed-side X-Ray 

Digital Bed-side X-Ray has the utility of multiple vans that are equipped with the imaging and diagnostic gears ready for the go. It’s like a mobile diagnostic centre on the road, which is available at the click of an appointment booking right outside your place. A team of professional radiologists is available within hours for the services.

Features of a Digital Bedside X-Ray Service

  • It has a facility of answering the services 24/7 for the diagnostic requirements.
  • Once the services are complete, the result reports are available immediately.
  • The ECG and X-ray reports are shared with a registered cardiologist/radiologist for interpretations. This takes around an hour or so.
  • Only the certified radiologists have the right to interpret the x-ray reports.
  • The reports are then shared with the ordering doctor by fax or email.

This service is now available in Lucknow. Yes, Bed-side X-Ray at Home is now a possibility and Ama Diagnostic Centre is offering this facility. Bed-side x-ray test cost is different for different tests.

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