PET CT Scan Service in Lucknow

The PET/CT Scan is the part of the technology where it is possible to diagnose and treat many types of cancer as well as non-cancer diseases. In the case of a possible tumor, the PET/CT scan shows a “hot spot” on a PET scan that corresponds exactly with the mass seen on the CT scan. This helps the doctor to locate the exact position of the tumor to make biopsies, surgeries, and treatment a possibility.

The PET/CT scans exist are:

Whole Body Oncology PET Imaging

The scan targets the tumour so precisely, that it allows the largest dose of radiation to track down the smallest volume of the tissue. It detects the tumour accurately and is able to locate a variety of cancer like

  • Melanoma
  • Lymphoma
  • Head and neck
  • Oesophageal
  • Cervical
  • Colorectal
  • Brain
  • Ovarian
  • Pancreatic
  • Renal
  • Breast

4D PET/CT Respiratory Gating Treatment

This treatment helps the patients with significant moving tumors, like when the lungs expand and contract, lung tumors are likely to change their position and even shape. It obviously makes it difficult to set a target for radiation.

PET/CT scan service is available in Lucknow. It helps in detecting and treating various types of cancers. If you are looking for a CT Scan Centre in Lucknow then you can add Ama Diagnostic Centre in your recommendations for its excellence in the field of diagnosis.

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