Colour Doppler Test Centres in Lucknow

Doppler Ultrasound

When there is a need to peep inside the body to detect any ongoing problem, and doctors want it to be easily accessible, easy on the body and don’t cause any side effects. A Doppler Ultrasound is what clicks every doctor’s mind. It gives doctors a way to see the inside of the body without any x-ray or injection. Doppler Ultrasound converts sound waves into images.

Use of Doppler Ultrasound occurs when 

  • Looking for blocked or narrow arteries
  • The blood flow pattern is checked after a treatment
  • Any blood flowing problems in liver, kidney, pancreas, or spleen
  • Abdominal aortic aneurysm
  • Checking blood flow in arteries, veins, and heart
  • During pregnancy, blood flow is checked in a baby

There are an ample Colour Doppler Test Centres which are providing services in their best interests. Also, there is a tough competition when it comes to Colour Doppler in Lucknow. Take Ama Diagnostic Centre, for instance, it has upgraded its machines and laying a red carpet for its patients by getting them a privilege to book an online appointment to undergo any test.

The Colour Doppler Ultrasound cost falls somewhere between Rs. 1000 and Rs. 6000.

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