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A Brief Note on Mammography

When there is some tenderness found in the breasts, the doctors usually recommend mammography to get an x-ray picture of the breasts to examine if anything is wrong. Mammography mainly detects cancer of breasts when there are no shown signs or symptoms of the disease. It is also applicable when there is any lump or breast pain.

Healthcare experts suggest that every woman who is turning 40 should get a mammography every one or two years. Also, regular screening of women above the age of 45 should get regular screening. 

Mammography in Lucknow

If your doctor recommends to get a mammography and you are perplexed to choose a diagnostic centre to avoid the discomfort. Then Ama Diagnostic Centre is one such pathology that keeps all such things in mind and cares to provide excellent services without making it uneasy for the female patients. It is the pathology that offers Online Mammography in Lucknow. So you can book an online appointment with ease. Also, the Mammography Cost in Lucknow starts from Rs. 680.

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