Colour X-RAY in Lucknow

Colour X-Ray

The energy of the x-rays that pass through the object is measured by a colour x-ray. Traditional x-rays used to measure the x-rays that have passed through and provide information about the density of the object. The x-rays cannot penetrate the dense objects but can easily make their way out of the less dense objects comparatively. A colour x-ray can identify the object it passes through rather than just giving the density. This means, it can detect more than one object with similar density and can combine them and produce one single image.

Colour X-Ray is a step ahead in the field of healthcare technology. Traditional CT has soft tissue contrast, and MRI has limited resolution. Also, colour x-ray uses the next generation contrast known as gold nanoparticles to investigate cancer.

Special Investigation X-Ray in Lucknow is up and running. Many diagnostic centres are offering this service at a discount price.

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