Sonography (Ultrasound/USG) in Lucknow

What is Sonography?

High-frequency sound waves are used to provide images of the organs, tissues and the flow of blood inside a body to conduct sonography. It is one of a kind process to gain an insight into the functions of a body and any kind of problem a body is going through.

Conditions when Sonography is Needed

  • To see if a female is pregnant.
  • To detect breast cancer.
  • To create images of a foetus.
  • To confirm any cardiovascular disease
  • To detect the cancer of the prostate gland
  • To check any soft-tissue injury or nerve damage

The cost of a Sonography in Lucknow varies with the type of sonography. 

Ultrasound USG Test Cost is different and it starts from Rs. 700 and vary according to the type of ultrasound.

Ultrasound Lab Test in Lucknow is performed by every pathology. But to know the perks of choosing Ama Diagnostic Centre out of all the other diagnostics is that it offers online appointment service, blood sample collection from home, bed-side digital x-ray service and the list goes on. Choose wisely, for it is the matter of your body.

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