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What is Skin Disease?

Skin diseases have different signs and symptoms depending upon the severity. They might be permanent or can go away in some time. Some skin problems are situational and some are genetic. Some skin problems can be called minor and some are life-threatening. Some chronic skin problems aren’t curable but they can be fought by the usage of drugs or taking good care of your skin and body inside out. 

Keep reading to learn more about the symptoms, treatments, and en route to feeling better about your skin.


Acne seems to be a curse in adolescence when the boys and girls hit puberty, it is when the androgens in the body are increased and they make the skin’s oil glands get larger and produce more sebum. It is normal but if you are concerned then there are diagnostic tests for skin disorders available at AMA Diagnostic Centre.


It is known to be a common disorder that forms thick red plaques that are covered with silvery scales. The doctor will recommend getting some dermatology lab tests to confirm the condition.


It is a set of medical conditions that basically causes the skin to feel irritated or inflamed. It is best to get a blood test for skin disease as such. 


It is the condition when the nose, chin, cheeks, and forehead turn rose-red. It is one such disorder that affects the skin in the face. If the doctor sees such symptoms, then he would recommend getting a skin diagnosis test to confirm the condition. 


It is a clear, watery, fluid-filled area on the skin and it can be found anywhere on the skin.


It is caused by the exposure to an allergen, which is itchy and raised welts and can be mildly painful to the touch.


Painful, red, an irritated lump under the skin which can cause fever, fatigue, and body ache.
It is better to take proper skin-care and treatments for such skin disorders before they turn into a chronic condition. 


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